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The Common Ills
The death of Amnesty Internation

The death of Amnesty International? Did Amnesty International die today? And, if so, will anyone miss it? I don't think so. Amnesty started to hold people accountable -- governments and groups. By the 70s, when it was first showing up on most people's radars (a decade after the organization began) there was a special need for a body who would call out abusive governments, who would shine a light on political prisoners. That reputation led many to flock to the organization. Some to help raise awareness and money -- Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Tracy Chapman, U2, Sting, etc. Some to try to use the organization -- which was always up to be used and co-opted -- to improve their own image (see Nike for one example). Today, Amnesty International is in the news. They issued a lengthy press release which opens: Fresh evidence uncovered by Amnesty International indicates that members of the armed group calling itself the... (more)

Takdir Illahi
zaman hari ini
Kekusutan ummah yang melanda sekarang ini amat membimbangkan kita. Daripada gejala sosial, dadah, masalah ekonomi, tipu daya politik hinggalah kepada gejala murtad yang hangat diperkatakan sekarang. Menambah remuk dan luka kepada kekusutan ini adalah fenomena hiburan yang melampau di kalangan masyarakat Malaysia pada ketika ini. Semua iklan mesti menghiburkan, pendidikan mesti menghiburkan, ringtone handpone juga mesti berlagu hiburan, malah ceramah agama pun mesti ada unsur unsur hiburan. Kehidupan kita sudah menjadi entertainment oriented. Apa yang pasti, kekusutan ini menyebabkan ummah sedar dan ingin kembali kepada ketenangan beragama. Maka tidak hairanlah semakin ramai yang menghadiri majlis-majlis zikir, ceramah, seminar dan tak kurang juga yang aktif dalam persatuan-persatuan untuk membuat kerja kerja dakwah. Malah ada juga yang bertindak lari dari kehidupan masyarakat yang dianggap sudah rosak.

wellness paradigm dominates health in new earth
WELLNESS PARADIGM DOMINATES HEALTH IN NEW EARTH Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra Brotherhood of Light 16 October 2012 May the best of health be with you in the New Earth! Ra, messenger & teacher, from the Darjeeling Council, forthcoming Guardian, will focus on the subject of health & wellness in this note. This is among my last few heraldries to proclaim, as my ground tasks will soon end in full gear up for my forthcoming missions as a guardian. I already wrote on the subject of physical mutation—from organic- to crystalline-based bodies—in previous articles. Life span will be very long in the New Earth, an indication of perfected health for everyone else in the ascended planet. Consequently, health perspective will shift from the Sickness paradigm of the Old Earth to the Wellness paradigm long advocated by diverse cultural innovators. The health situation by then will be entirely different from what we are... (more)

...after 4
in the afternoon

I am just about ready for a little break or breather or whatever it may be called when you've overdone it and you just have to crash! Hello dear reader; from one end of the day to the other; I've just finished prep'ing a batch of fresh vegetables, and coincidently my 3rd load (laundry) today. Don't ask me where it all comes from; I just don't know! Whatever or where ever it comes from; it has been routed and handled. I almost ran out of space to hang stuff but with a couple of make-shift changes with the airers that already decorate certain spaces; I managed to get it all placed out in such a way as to ensure eventual drying. I can't be held responsible for the amount of moisture in the air at the moment so I could not say how long it might take to get it really dry; dry enough to wear. For the last few weeks; we have had continuous dives down into the bad weather bin. I thought today that we might get some bright weather but sadly, it was gone; any brightness had gone off... (more)

No somos todos
Que verano...
Buen día mis queridos lectores. Se que los he abandonado y tambien a mis proyectos. Desde mi último post, ha pasado mucho tiempo, todo porque se me ocurrió meter 5 materias en un periodo de 3 meses, lo cual casi me vuelve loco pero gracias al Tocallo sobrevivimos a tan horrible escenario y ahora somos flamantes estudiantes de Ing en Software de 6° cuatrimestre(de 12), para fin de año deberemos ser de 8° debido a que 7° esta empezado al igual que 6°. En fin, he estado pensando en los proyectos y poco a poco los iré avanzando, actualmente llevo materias relacionadas a ellos y pues mejorará la forma de manejarlos. Tambien he terminado un curso de Python 2, muy interesante el curso ya que ahora manejo mejor este lenguaje. Creo Python será el lenguaje oficial que maneje en este blog ya que es muy maleable, simple y tiene una comunidad muy grande trabajando en este lenguaje, he encontrado librerias para juegos(pygame), para manejar el puerto serial (pyserial), para matematicas... (more)

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